Pioneer DJ 15" Reflex Loaded Active Subwoofer XPRS115S

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Manufacturer Part #:  XPRS115S
The XPRS Series active PA speakers are compact and portable, yet high powered. Forget complicated setups and tangled cables as this system offers straightforward, plug-and-play use. Pioneer Pro Audio sound engineering technology and the use of Powersoft amps ensures these mobile speakers are reliable and energy efficient, making them suitable for all music genres and environments.

The XPRS115S is the perfect complement to enhance the tight and powerful low frequencies. On top of the slanted baffle enclosure with 15-inch neodymium drivers, this single 15-inch subwoofer features a versatile Crossover switch so you can easily adjust the low pass filter cut-off at various stages between 80 Hz and 150 Hz.

*The XPRS115S is sold as a single subwoofer.

Key Features:

  • Tight Bass Range - The XPRS115S slanted baffle enclosure - housed in a compact 15-mm birch plywood cabinet – and high-quality 15-inch LF drivers deliver rich, powerful low frequencies similar to those produced by the XPRS215S dual 15-inch subwoofer.

  • Powersoft Class D Amps - Powersoft’s Class D amp modules produce 2400 W (peak) or 1200 W (continuous) output. The Power Factor Correction (PFC) reduces power consumption while ensuring steady performance in all environments.

  • Instant Control - A versatile Crossover switch lets you adjust the low pass filter cut-off at stages between 80 Hz and 150 Hz. At the same time, the Phase switch allows you to choose a positive or negative polarity to prevent multiple subwoofers from cancelling each other out.

  • Advanced Protection - The XPRS subwoofer is packed with features to protect the drivers, amp and power supply - giving you peace of mind, consistent high-quality sound, and extending the life of your sound system.

    Amplifier Protection

    - Thermal limiting: cuts off to prevent overheating.

    - Output overcurrent: reduces the speaker’s output to safe levels in the event of output overcurrent.

    Speaker Protection

    - DC offset removal: shuts down to prevent further damage if the speaker blows.

    - Stationary high frequency protection: protects the speaker from loud bursts such as feedback.

    - Input voltage limiter: Peak and RMS.

    - Output voltage limiter: cuts the LF and compression drivers separately when either reaches their peak.

    Power Protection

    - AC mains over-voltage protection: protects against power surges.

    A status LED on the front of the cabinet has 3 settings - power, limiter or off - giving an optional visual reference to the status of the speaker.

  • Flexible Connectivity - The subwoofer has 2 balanced XLR/TRS combo sockets so you can input a couple of devices at the same time. Plus 2 balanced XLR through outputs enable easy connection to other speakers and subs.

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