Mesa Boogie 1x15 Subway Ultra-Lite Bass Cabinet 0.S115.AMB

SKU:  ae00-9086
Manufacturer Part #:  0.S115.AMB

By itself or as a companion to a 1x12 or another 1x15 cabinet, our most popular single speaker format is the 1x15 Ultra-Lite. A little larger footprint (than the 1x12) accommodates the needed internal volume to match the 15" Full Range driver and create this, warm, huge sounding compact cabinet that shines for everything form old-school Blues and R&B to scooped modern Slap and tight, picked Rock styles. Our sweet High Frequency Driver ensures the detail remains intact and imparts an adjustable Hi-Fi character to the sound. By itself, or as a foundation for further coloring with 10s or 12s, the 1x15 anchors the Subway Cabinet Line with its flexibility, warm and accurate performance across the full range, and ease of transport. You can’t go wrong with a classic and this great sounding, carry-friendly Cabinet has all it takes to earn that status.

Model: 0.S115.AMB
Manufacturer: Mesa Boogie


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SKU:  ae00-9086^0.S115.AMB
Manufacturer Part #:  0.S115.AMB
Weight:  37.90
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