Charlie's Pedalboards Flat Pedalboard C-5


Charlie’s smallest board, the C-5, is the only model that doesn’t feature the unique Step design. The C-5 is the same width as the Pedaltrain Mini (20”), but it features an additional 3 inches of depth (10” total) to accommodate more pedals!

Weighing in at only 2 lbs., the C-5 accommodates up to 10 Boss-sized pedals, and it has enough depth to mount wah-style pedals as well.

The C-5 has enough underside room to accommodate a small pedal power unit (1.5” max height).

The C-5 comes complete with a form-fitting, soft carrying case made from durable nylon with reinforced edges and 10 mm of dense internal padding for superior protection of your pedals! It also includes a roll of high-quality hook and loop fastener, 4 cable ties and a padded shoulder strap for the case.

Model: C-5
Manufacturer: Charlie's Pedalboards
Charlie's Pedalboards Flat Pedalboard C-5
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