Yamaha Low-Brass Piston Valve Maintenance Kit (YACLBPKIT)

Yamaha maintenance kits are specially designed to contain the highest quality cloths, brushes, swabs, and lubricants to keep your instrument in top playing condition. Each kit also features an easy-to-understand care & maintenance manual and re-closeable plastic bag for storage. The Piston Low-Brass Maintenance Kit works great for baritones, euphoniums, tubas, or any large bore instrument with pistons.

The LBPKIT contains:
  • Valve Oil
  • Slide Grease
  • Bore Cleaning Snake
  • Valve Case Brush
  • Mouthpiece Brush
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Care & Maintenance Manual
  • Yamaha Low-Brass Piston Valve Maintenance Kit (YACLBPKIT)
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