Pearl Drums Hip Kit PFR14HK


The HipKIT is a wearable new drum that gives instant gratification to ANYONE with a sense of rhythm!

This unique instrument combines the essence of traditional frame drumming with the BOOM BOOM SLAP we all know and love. You can play virtually any groove you can think of in any setting.

The drummer friendly HipKIT is drum key tunable, comes with a standard coated head for a brush/shaker type sound and a lightweight dampener. Paired with the HipClipz Snare Slap, This thing is a lean mean groovin’ machine! Come on out from behind the drum set: The HipClipz Strap allows the drummer/percussionist to explore new frontiers. Imagine face-to-face jammimg with the singer or guitar player at the front of the stage or even grooving out in the audience!

Pearl’s Hip Clipz (Snare Slap and Strap) accessory pack EASILY transforms ANY Frame Drum into a HipKIT!

Model: PFR14HK
Manufacturer: Pearl Drums
Pearl Drums Hip Kit PFR14HK
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