RADIAL Passive Studio Reamper PRO-RMP

SKU:  ae00-11880
Manufacturer Part #:  PRO-RMP

For years, Reamping has been the ‘secret weapon’ for countless recordings by the biggest names in the business! Few realize that recording engineers not only Reamp® guitars, but often Reamp® bass, keyboards, drums and even voice as a means to bring creative new tones and sonic signatures to their music.

- Play pre-recorded tracks through amps and pedals
- On board level control for fine tuning amp level
- Transformer isolated to eliminate buzz and hum
- Opens the door to creative new tones and textures

Model: PRO-RMP
Manufacturer: RADIAL


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SKU:  ae00-11880^PRO-RMP
Manufacturer Part #:  PRO-RMP
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