Voodoo Lab Superfuzz Pedal

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The Superfuzz takes a classic '60s fuzz design and adds resonance and tone circuits to create an amazing new array of tones. Using the Resonance sub-harmonic booster control, you can dial in aggressive and focused bottom end. And, you can use the Attack control to vary the gain from rich and creamy to outrageous.

Unlike most fuzz pedals, Superfuzz has a unique Tone control with tons of range. In the center setting, you get a traditional fuzz tone. Or, turn it down for an extremely scooped mid sound. Crank it up and you've got a boosted midrange perfect for screaming your tubes! Guitar Player magazine says: "The Superfuzz flaunts tons of output and reacts well to picking dynamics . . . while making a little combo amp sound like it's pumping a big cabinet. Yeah!"

Voodoo Lab Superfuzz Pedal Features:

  • Classic '60s fuzz sounds
  • Unique Resonance and Tone controls
  • True bypass switching with LED
  • Hand built in the U.S.A.
  • Five-year warranty

Manufacturer: Voodoo Lab

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