Buffet Crampon ICON Series

Buffet Crampon F34021AG ICON Series Bb & A Clarinet Barrels

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ICON Series Barrels are designed to fit all Bb or A clarinet models. The elegance of the body and the finely worked rings give this new barrel a distinctive style. These new barrels enhance tonal quality while preserving the characteristics of each of the brand’s models. Responsiveness, sound projection and definition of articulation are greatly facilitated by the new ICON barrel, contributing to the player’s comfort. Made from unstaines African blackwood.

Technican Specifications:
Inverse conical bore: can improve intonation of twelfths
Choice of ring materials: gold, silver or black nickel
Available in sizes 64mm-67mm

Ring Material Characteristics:
Gold: produces more high harmonics and timbre
Silver: Frees up and rounds out the sound
Black Nickel: Halfway between Gold and Silver, producing a more compact effect

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