D'Addario Mic Stand Accessory System Starter Kit PW-MSASSK-01

SKU:  ae00-11325
Manufacturer Part #:  PW-MSASSK-01

The Mic Stand Accessory System is the first fully modular mic stand-mounted performance system. After clamping the Universal Hub to your mic stand, you’ll gain the freedom to mount and rearrange a full array of performance-enhancing accessories. Each module can be set in virtually any configuration to suit the needs of a mobile, gigging musician. The Starter Kit comes with the Universal Hub, Cup Holder, Tip Jar, Gear Tray, and an assortment of purpose-built hooks - everything you need to be prepped for your performance.

Model: PW-MSASSK-01
Manufacturer: D'Addario


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SKU:  ae00-11325^PW-MSASSK-01
Manufacturer Part #:  PW-MSASSK-01
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