Mesa Boogie Mini-Rectifier Head 2.MR25


The only thing "mini" about Mesa/Boogie's Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five guitar amplifier head is its size; you won't believe how much great stuff Mesa packed into it! This all-tube, EL-84-powered head gives you 2-channel/4-mode operaton and total control over your tones. Each channel lets you switch between 10 watts and 25 watts, making the Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five a perfect guitar amp for the studio, the practice room, and the stage. You'll also appreciate the Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five's built-in effects loop, the included footswitch, and the road-tough aluminum enclosure.

Model: 2.MR25
Manufacturer: Mesa Boogie
Mesa Boogie Mini-Rectifier Head 2.MR25
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