Selmer Professional Model Signature Bb Soprano Clarinet B16SIG

SKU:  ae00-2825
Manufacturer Part #:  B16SIG
The Signature model Selmer Paris clarinet represents a very different sound of clarinet compared to other models on the market. The Signature utilizes raised up tone holes, which helps provide a more focused tone while maintaining a very precise responding instrument. Playing with slightly more resistance than the other Selmer clarinets, the Signature requires a more efficient and free-blowing set-up. After adjusting and balancing your mouthpiece and reed you will find even the softest pianissimos respond with less embouchure effort.

Special features include:
  • Two barrels - 64.5 & 62.5
  • Adjustable thumbrest
  • Left hand Eb
  • Metal tenon sockets
  • Select Grenadilla Wood
  • 14.50mm/.574 inch bore
  • Standard Boehm Key System
  • Silver plated nickel silver keys
  • Blue steel springs
  • C85/120 Selmer Paris mouthpiece
  • Light series case

  • B16SIG

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    Manufacturer Part #:  B16SIG
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