Rim Riser Elevated Rim for Added Sound and Control - 30 Ply Maple RRU1310MPL.

SKU:  ae00-10793
Manufacturer Part #:  RRU1310MPL
Serious snare upgrade for any drummer! Each 30 Ply Rock Maple Rimriser is meticulously handcrafted in the U.S.A by a skilled woodworker with over thirty five years experience in shell design. Complimenting the warm wood maple tonalities, a bronze standoff spacer and single sided neoprene/steel washer easily attaches with one tension rod, compactly raising the hoop surfave about an inch (extended DW true pitch and standard rod is included with hardware) enhancing the mid range and control for a warmer, more consistent cross stick sound or adding new woodlike hoop effects to your drums.

  • Made in USA.
  • RimRiser is 5 3/4? long, 3/4? thick, and 1? tall 30-ply maple.
  • 1 x RimRiser 30 Ply Handcrafted Rock Maple
  • 2 x Tension screws approx. 3 in. 7.32 (Standard) 5mm DW (True Pitch 50 thread (Available upon Request)
  • 1 x Neoprene /Steel Flat washer
  • 1 x. Bronze standoff
  • Fits multiple diameters of snare drums

30 Ply Maple

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SKU:  ae00-10793^RRU1310MPL
Manufacturer Part #:  RRU1310MPL
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