Berp #1 Extension and Resistance Practice Tool for French Horn (A05-MG100)

SKU:  ae00-1120
Manufacturer Part #:  A05-MG100
The Berp, by Mario Guarneri, is the most essential tool for brass players. The Berp attaches to the brass instrument's mouthpiece receiver, so that you can stay in playing position–rehearsing piston or key movements–while building a stronger embouchure. Switch from Berp to receiver and back again during long-tone exercises for maximum benefit.

An adjustable collar enables players to practice in various note-ranges with selectable resistance. Train your lips to find notes faster with the Berp!

With the Berp you can:
  • Maximize sound production and ear training
  • instantly switch between playing and buzzing
  • Build embouchure, endurance and range
  • Adjust resistance to fit your preference
  • Warm up quietly
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    SKU:  ae00-1120^A05-MG100
    Manufacturer Part #:  A05-MG100
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