DR Strings 3-BA5-10 Original Style Hexagonal-Core 5-String Banjo Strings .010 | .010

SKU:  ae00-10343
Manufacturer Part #:  3-BA5-10

Bluegrass and country players have for years requested DR to make handmade banjo strings. Finally we are satisfied that we have achieved a new standard of tone, durability and play-ability. The 5 string set offers 1 nickel wound string and 4 plain strings designed for brightness… to make a player stand out in any picking circle.

Product Specs:
- Scale Length: 38"
- String Gauges: 10-12-15-23-10
- Material: High Carbon Steel. Hexagonal Core wire with Loop End.

Model: 3-BA5-10
Manufacturer: DR Strings


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SKU:  ae00-10343^BA5-10
Manufacturer Part #:  3-BA5-10
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