Mixware Phase Essential Wireless DVS Controller PHASE-ESS

Phase from Mixware is a new word in DVS technology, improving on the inconsistencies and other shortcomings of timecode-based control systems. The Phase Essential package comes with two remotes and one receiver module. The technology allows the remotes to capture motion of the rotating vinyl and send this data wirelessly to the receiver, which in turn analyzes it and translates it into a digital control signal for your software. Phase is so precise that it detects the slightest of movements, which translates to a greater level of control and expressivity in your DJ sets. The remotes are battery-powered and offer up to 10 hours of performance time when fully charged.

  • Two Phase remotes
  • Replaces DVS timecode with much more accurate and stable motion detection technology
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Silent and reliable performance

Mixware Phase Essential Wireless DVS Controller PHASE-ESS
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