Art Transformer Isolated Mic Splitter PROSPLIT



1-in/2-out Mic Signal Splitter with Ground Lift, Input Pad, Direct XLR Out, and Transformer-isolated XLR Out

The ProSplit provides one direct output and one transformer isolated output from a single microphone. Applications include sending the direct output to the main or Front-of-House mixer, with the second isolated output being sent to a monitor or recording mixer. The direct output passes phantom power from the main mixer to the microphone for use with condenser microphones.

The ProSplit includes a ground-lift switch on the isolated output to reduce noise due to ground loops between connected equipment. For versatility the ProSplit also features an attenuator pad switch on the input that can be used to alternately connect a pre-amplified (line-level) signal to the two microphone-level ProSplit outputs.

Manufacturer: Art
Art Transformer Isolated Mic Splitter PROSPLIT
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