K&M Tuba Stand - Black 14940.000.55

SKU:  ae00-2034
Manufacturer Part #:  14940.000.55

Designed and built specifically for German and English tubas, but this stand works on a whole range of different horns. Supporting arms are fully adjustable in height and width.

Arms are covered with exclusive non-marring material to protect instrument finishes and adjusting bolts tips feature black plastic caps for a clean look. Big bottom instrument support with non-marring material to protect the instrument from damage. Engineered in Germany. 5 Year Limited Warranty. A genuinely eco-friendly product from K&M.

Model: 14940.000.55
Manufacturer: K&M

K&M Tuba Stand - Black 14940.000.55

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SKU:  ae00-2034^14940.000.55
Manufacturer Part #:  14940.000.55
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