Musser 1.5 Octave Classic Chimes - Polished Brass Tubes (M635B)


Model M635B — Classic Chimes

With 1¼" tubes and a backed-on frame finish, the Musser Classic M635B Concert Chimes are ideal for school performance. It's polished brass tubes are seamless and feature hardened caps for greater resonance and volume. The dependable damper system employs 100% wool felt.

The M635B Classic Chimes are mounted on a gold frame with satin finished brass tubes. Includes a standard concert frame with locking casters. Supplied with rawhide mallet and detachable holder.

Technical Specifications:
  • Octave Range: 1.5 Octaves
  • Note Range: C5–G6
  • Standard Tuning: A=442
  • Tube Material: Brass
  • Tube Dimensions: 11¼ inch diameter
  • Tube Finish: Brass Polished
  • Frame Finish: Gold Vein Powder
  • OEM Mallets: M336
  • Height: 66 inches
  • Width: 33 inches

  • Model: M635B
    Manufacturer: Musser
    Musser 1.5 Octave Classic Chimes - Polished Brass Tubes (M635B)
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