Mesa Boogie THROTTLE BOX EQ Pedal (FP.TEQ)


The Mesa/Boogie Throttle Box EQ distortion pedal serves up two distinct distortion modes, and tops it off with the sonic-sculpting power of a five-band graphic EQ. You've got footswitch control over the two distortion modes, so you can turn on extra tonal tenacity when you're playing live. A popular feature among Sweetwater guitarists is that you can assign the five-band EQ to either or both channels, giving you a wide range of tone in a single pedal. Factor in the powerful mid-cut and boost controls, and you're ready to dial in virtually any distortion tone with the Mesa/Boogie Throttle Box EQ.

Model: FP.TEQ
Manufacturer: Mesa Boogie
Mesa Boogie THROTTLE BOX EQ Pedal (FP.TEQ)
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