Taylor 322E Grand Concert Sapele


Clear-sounding and comfortable Grand Concert body The Taylor Mahogany Top 322e's Grand Concert body makes it the quintessential small-bodied guitar. Its comfortable shape delivers clarity and a balanced response for an unforgettable player experience. Scaled-down proportions make the Mahogany Top 322e ideal for fingerstyle playing.

Solid mahogany top, sapele back and sides The warm yet snappy tone of sapele enhances the midrange characteristics of a solid mahogany top. The resulting combination provides full, balanced tone. It's perfect guitar for strong, rhythmic playing styles.

Superb Taylor finish The finish used to create the Taylor Mahogany Top 322e's textured satin back and sides and satin top was developed at Taylor for maximum durability and resistance to cold-checking. This ultra-violet-cured finish is also more environmentally friendly than traditional lacquer finishes.

Taylor Expression System electronics Taylor's Expression System is designed to faithfully reproduce your guitar's natural tone. This system utilizes patented Dynamic Sensors to capture top and string vibration like never before. Created in partnership with audio pioneer, Mr. Rupert Neve, the Taylor Expression System is seamlessly integrated into the design of the guitar from the ground up. Onboard tone controls provide added flavor, or set it flat for an uncolored, exceptionally clean amplified sound.

Model: 322E
Manufacturer: Taylor
Taylor 322E Grand Concert Sapele
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