Maxon CS-9PRO Stereo Chorus Pro
    With a circuit based around the Panasonic MN3207 Bucket Brigade IC, the Maxon CS-9 Pro Stereo Chorus Pro effect is bold and resonant without sounding harsh. Unlike the somewhat sterile sounds of its 80s predecessor, the CS-9 Pro has an edgy, almost grainy quality that keeps your tone articulate and prevents wash-out.

    The CS-9 Pro’s custom-tuned oscillator circuit provides enough speed for authentic rotary speaker simulation, and just the right amount of modulation for a lush vibrato that won't leave you feeling queasy. With its Delay Time control the CS-9 Pro can venture into Flanger territory, adding a resonant, hollow quality to the effect that’s great for solos.

    A top-mounted Blend control allows you to adjust the level of the Chorus effect to set it back in the mix against your dry signal. A unique feature of the CS-9 Pro is its ability to create spatial effects that add dimension to your guitar tone without the traditional Chorus wobble. With Speed and Depth set low and the Delay Time at max, the Pro thickens your sound much in the manner of a double-tracked guitar, adding girth and life without excessive modulation.

    The CS-9 Pro features stereo outputs for mono, stereo, or inverted mono signal routing.

    Special Features:
  • Updated analog chorus based on vintage 80s CS-9
  • Wide range of standard chorus effects
  • Unique “spatial” effects unavailable with other chorus units
  • Panasonic MN3207 Bucket Brigade IC
  • Delay Time and Effect Blend controls
  • Stereo outputs
  • True Bypass Switching
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    Sale Price $249.00
    Maxon FL-9 Nine Series Flanger Effects Pedal
    A “better than” reissue of the 1980s classic, the current-production Maxon FL-9 Nine Series Flanger Effects Pedal provides all the icy time-based modulation effects as the original with a lower noise floor and superior construction quality.

    While the original FL-9 (and current Ibanez reissue) used low-grade components to meet price-point targets, the Maxon Nine Series spares no expense to bring you the ultimate Analog Flanging tone.

    At the heart of the FL-9’s circuit is the legendary Panasonic MN3207 bucket brigade IC. No longer in production, these BBD’s are coveted for their flawless operation and superior sound quality. Becoming harder to find with each passing year, MN3207’s currently command a premium price on the obsolete electronic components market.

    The FL-9's wide operation range and full frequency response allow it to work with any input signal to create a diverse assortment of modulation and time delay effects. Rate and Depth knobs adjust the LFO while Regeneration and Delay Time knobs allow fine-tuning of the effect’s intensity. Everything from shimmering chorus and vibrato through hollow, metallic overtones to thick, jet-like flanging sweeps are attainable with these four interactive controls.

    To improve the FL-9’s noise floor, Maxon has added a Compander-based noise reduction circuit that the original FL-9 and current Ibanez reissue do not have. This circuit keeps clock noise and comb-filter hiss to an absolute minimum, providing dead-quiet operation.

    Additional improvements such as glass-epoxy PCB’s, low-tolerance resistors, snap-in PCB connectors and mechanical true-bypass switching guarantee trouble-free performance and superior sound quality.

    Special Features:
  • Analog Flanger based on vintage 80s FL-9
  • Wide range of classic chorus and flanging effects
  • Panasonic MN3207 Bucket Brigade IC
  • Delay Time and Regeneration controls
  • Companding noise reduction circuit
  • True Bypass Switching
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    Sale Price $279.00
    Maxon FV10 Fuzz Elements - Void
    Based on the rare Ampeg Scrambler, the Maxon FV10 Fuzz Elements – Void generates lots of even-order harmonics that can then be mixed with the dry guitar sound. These overtones are dynamic and frequency dependent, changing constantly with input signal. True Bypass Switching.

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    Maxon OD808 Overdrive Effects Pedal
    Maxon designed the original OD808 overdrive circuit in the late 1970’s — they then rebranded this pedal for Ibanez as the TS808 Tubescreamer, and the rest is history... The new OD808 Reissue Series Overdrive Effects Pedal offers up all the warm, creamy, organic overdrive as the original – and then some. Maxon has tweaked the current version ever so slightly to reduce noise level while retaining the legendary “808” tone.

    The OD808 is the perfect pedal for adding smooth, tube-like overdrive to any clean amp — use it as a secondary dirt channel to beef up a song’s chorus section, or keep it on all the time for the crunchy tone that has defined rock and roll. The OD808 is also ideal for pushing an already overdriven amp over the edge, a la Stevie Ray Vaughan.

    The Original Overdrive

  • The world’s first tube-amp overdrive simulator – circa 1979
  • Warm, creamy, organic overdrive with singing sustain
  • Rebranded for Ibanez as the TS808 Tubescreamer
  • The tone that made Stevie Ray Vaughan famous
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    Maxon OD9 Overdrive Effect Pedal
    The Maxon OD-9 Overdrive Effects Pedal may look like your old favorite but that's where the similarity ends. Improved circuitry with a new chip yields the ultra-smooth dynamic overdrive guitarists crave. Drive and Level controls tweak the intensity and volume while the Hi-Boost/Hi-Cut tone controls adjust brightness. Features true bypass switching, a die-cast zinc case, and 3-year warranty. From subtle cries to shattering screams, the Maxon OD-9 delivers a huge range of tones.

    - Improved circuitry with a new chip yields ultra-smooth dynamic overdrive
    - Drive and Level controls tweak the intensity and volume
    - Hi Boost/Hi Cut tone controls adjust brightness
    - True bypass switching
    - Die-cast zinc case
    - AC/DC operation (order optional Maxon AC210N adapter)

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    Maxon PT999 Reissue Series Phase Tone Effects Pedal
    With its single knob, the Maxon PT999 Reissue Series Phase Tone Effects Pedal looks deceptively simple; yet, packed into this tiny blue box is a host of the most authentic 70s – era phasing effects available in a current production unit. The secret behind the PT999’s timeless tone lies in the fact that its circuit is exactly the same as it was when first introduced in 1974. While many “reissue” effects are far from true to the original designs, Maxon has taken great pains to keep the Phase Tone unchanged for close to 40 years. By adjusting the lone Rate control, a wide variety of expressive phasing nuances can be coaxed from the PT999 – all of them whisper quiet and amazingly transparent. Its minimalist circuit doesn’t get in the way of your guitar tone — it simply accentuates it, working equally well to spice up clean or distorted sounds. If you demand classic phase shifting effects without compromising your guitar’s signature tone, the PT999 Phase Tone has no equals.

    Special Features:
  • Classic 70’s phasing a la vintage Phase 90
  • Hand-selected Toshiba FET’s
  • Chewy, organic phasing with subtle drive
  • Nails classic Van Halen phase sound
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