12095 Power Docking Station for DynaFlex

    The Dynaflex PowerDock Docking Starter jumpstarts all Dynaflex Gyros and PowerBall products in mere seconds!

    The PowerDock is a great way to display your DynaFlex gyro exerciser on your office desk, table and any other place that you like to keep your Gyro. It also makes for a convenient place to securely hold your gyro while you are not using it.

    • Starts Gyro with the push of a button
    • Compatible Pro, Pro Plus, Powerballs, Tour Grip, Xgrip, Arm Shaper, Dynagrip
    • Requires 2AA batteries (Not included)

    Model: 12095
    Manufacturer: Dynaflex
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    Sale Price $14.95
    PW-DFP-01 Dynaflex Pro Gyro Exerciser

    DynaFlex realized very early on that musicians could benefit from using our patented gyro exercisers to reduce hand, arm and shoulder conditions. Musicians use our line of products to strengthen, condition and rehabilitate sore fingers, wrists, forearms, arm and shoulder muscles.

    The gyro can reach speeds of up to 9,000 RPM and puts out 25lbs of torque. It features a new ''thermal band'' which aids the user in controlling this Powerhouse. Musicians all over the world are using the Musicians Pro gyro exerciser to warm up for gigs and to strengthen muscles they use for hours and hours while performing. Every musician knows that you have to be at your very best and the DynaFlex Musicians Pro will help you achieve the next level. Your fans expect the very best from you. At DynaFlex we wouldn't want it any other way! Note: Speed and torque are approximate. DynaFlex does not claim to cure and/or prevent any type of musculoskeletal injuries.

    Model: PW-DFP-01
    Manufacturer: Dynaflex
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    Sale Price $24.95