Weaseltrap HARMONICCAPO Bob Kilgore's Harmonic Capo

    A capo that plays harmonics! It straps to the neck at a harmonic point, usually the 12th fret. Instead of pressing the strings down to the fretboard, it has soft rubber pads that can be individually adjusted to lightly touch the strings, simulating your fingertips. When you strum the open strings, it plays harmonics. Also, you can play below the capo! When you press a string down to the fretboard with your left hand, it breaks contact with the rubber pad and plays the normal pitch. See full details at www.weaseltrap.com. The standard Harmonic Capo is designed for use on 6-string acoustic guitars with 14-fret necks or electric guitars with normal action. It is not recommended for any other instruments.

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    Manufacturer: Weaseltrap
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