J2002 DoubleReedJuvinate Reed Preservation System

    The DoubleReedJuvinate is a patented storage system that prolongs the life of your reeds. Insert your double reeds into the reed holder plug and add Listerine (not included) to the capsule. You'll be amazed at how long your reeds can last!

    Each DoubleReedJuvinate system contains:
  • 1 air-tight antiseptic holder
  • 1 reed holder plug with numbered stabilizer holes for 3 oboe reeds
  • 3 custom reed brushes to hold bassoon, English horn, or bagpipe chanter reeds
  • 1 circular humidity stabilizer sponge
  • 1 custom epoxy/nickel-plated rare earth magnet for music stands and chair legs
  • 1 lanyard
  • Instructions for use

  • Model: J2002
    Manufacturer: ReedJuvinate
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    Regular Price: $32.00
    Sale Price $29.99