Blitz  Gloss Care Cloth For Band Instruments (306B)
    Treated cloth absorbs moisture, removes fingerprints, and removes natural oils that dull the instruments’ finish. Leaves a gentle protective shield of silicone on the surface. Developed to maintain and preserve the finish of heavily used, fine band instruments. Non-toxic.
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    Blitz  Metal Care Cloth For Silver, Brass, Gold and Plated Instruments (BZ303)
    The Blitz Metal Care polishing cloth is specially treated for the care, cleaning, and polishing of unlacquered soft metal musical instruments. Formulated to gently remove tarnish and give a brilliant lasting shine. Metal Care can be safely used on gold, silver, brass and plated metals.

    Not for use with lacquered surfaces.
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    Blitz  Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass 2 Cloth 12" x 15" (BZ333)
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