T.C. Electronic

    T.C. Electronic G-MAJOR Guitar Effects Processor

    The G Major is a fantastic follow-up to the G•Force featuring the same incredibly high-quality, 24-bit crystal-clear tone for less than half the price. Single-button access gets you into delay, reverb, chorus, flange, pitch shifter, filter, modulation, compressor, and noise gate blocks of effects, each with up to 5 specific effects - all fully configurable. Optional footswitch puts total command at your feet. Single rackspace.

    • Same great 24-bit sounds as the G-Force
    • Incredibly low price
    • 16 effects in 8 blocks
    • Optional footswitch

    Model: G-MAJOR
    Manufacturer: T.C. Electronic
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    Regular Price: $699.95
    Sale Price $279.95