Hearing Protection

    Hearos  Rock 'n Roll Series Ear Plugs (309)

    Model: 309
    Manufacturer: Hearos
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    Regular Price: $4.99
    Sale Price $3.99
    Vater  Musicians Ear Plugs (VSAS)

    Hearing loss is an irreversible condition that can be easily prevented by the use of ear plugs and shouldn't be over looked by any musician or concert-goer of any age. Take precautions – use Vater Ear Plugs now when playing loud instruments in rehearsal or on stage and while attending concerts. Your ears will thank you.

    Includes 1 pair of ear plugs, lanyard, and carry case.

    Model: VSAS
    Manufacturer: Vater
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    Regular Price: $31.49
    Sale Price $21.10