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Audio Technica AT8154 Long Windscreen for Unipoint Shotgun Mic

Model: AT8154
Manufacturer: Audio Technica
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Price: $23.00
Audix APS911 Battery Operated Phantom Power Adapter

The Audix APS911 Battery-Operated Phantom Power Adapter is a your ideal phantom power supply solution for energy-efficient electret mics; it can also adapt 48V phantom power from a mixer or preamp to the mini XLR connection found on these mics. Use it with Audix's lavalier, hanging, boundary plate, and HT2 headset microphones.

Special features include an on/off switch and a bass roll-off feature.

Adapt Standard Phantom Power for Electret Mics

The APS911 mates with phantom power sources on standard XLR connectors — such as 48V mixer channels — and assures that power is supplied to the correct mini XLR pins for Audix electret mics.

On/Off Switch

A built-in on/off switch helps conserve battery life and acts as a mode selector switch when using the APS911 as either a battery-operated phantom power source or passive phantom power converter.

Bass Roll-Off

Clean your recordings of low-end rumble, structural noise transmitted through a mic stand, or unused frequencies by activating the handy 150Hz low cut filter. Since most human speech occurs above this cutoff, you'll want to use it routinely for voice recording.

The APS911 is compatible with Audix Microphone models: ADX10, ADX40, ADX60, HT5, ADX10FL, and HT2

Model: APS911
Manufacturer: Audix
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Regular Price: $57.00
Sale Price $57.00
Audix D6 Kick Drum Microphone

Dynamic Instrument Microphone Designed For:

  • Kick Drum
  • Floor Tom
  • Bass Cabinet
  • Leslie Bottom

  • Lightweight, compact and easy to position, the D6 is an excellent choice for miking instruments requiring extended low frequency reproduction such as kick drums, large toms and bass cabinets. The D6s transformerless design, low impedance and balanced output allow for interference-free performance. It's able to provide a huge kick drum sound with ground shaking low end while delivering exceptional clarity and attack.

    The Audix D6 is used for stage, studio and broadcast applications. Equipped with a VLMTM diaphragm for natural, accurate sound reproduction, the D6 is designed with a cardioid pickup pattern for isolation and feedback control.

    Designed, assembled, and tested by Audix in the USA.

    Model: D6
    Manufacturer: Audix
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    Regular Price: $255.00
    Sale Price $199.00
    Audix DCLAMP Percussion Mount Mic Clip

    The Audix DCLAMP is a flexible mini-gooseneck mic mount that securely clamps onto most drum tension lugs. Works specifically with Audix D2 and D4. Other mics can be used by replacing clip.

    Model: DCLAMP
    Manufacturer: Audix
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    Regular Price: $32.00
    Sale Price $27.95
    Audix DCLIP Microphone Clip

    Heavy-duty nylon molded snap-on microphone clip provided as standard equipment with Audix D Series, ADX51 & SCX Series. Works well with ADX12, ADX18, TM1, and any other mic with an outer diameter of 19mm; works with DVICE, DCLAMP and DFLEX mounting clips, too.

    Model: DCLIP
    Manufacturer: Audix
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    Regular Price: $12.50
    Sale Price $9.95
    Audix DVICE Mini Gooseneck Rim-Mounted Drum Clamp

    The Audix DVICE is a flexible mini-gooseneck mic mount that securely clamps onto a drum rim. The DVICE comes standard with all Audix D Series mic packs. Works perfectly with Audix D2, D4, F2, F4, and i5.

    Model: DVICE
    Manufacturer: Audix
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    Regular Price: $32.00
    Sale Price $27.95
    Audix M1255BS Miniature Shotgun Condenser Microphone

    Micro-size condenser with RFI Immunity. Supercardioid (shotgun) capsule with integrated preamp. Includes 25' cable, mic clip, hanging clip, windscreen and pouch. Requires 18–52V phantom power. Black.

    Supercardioid: 50 Hz—19 kHz

    Model: M1255BS
    Manufacturer: Audix
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    Regular Price: $470.00
    Sale Price $449.00
    Audix MB5055 Carbon Fiber Boom w/ 1255B high output cartridge

    MicroBoomTM Series - 50" Carbon fiber boom, M1255B high output cardioid microphone, clutch assembly for boom and 15' cable included with all MB packages. Mic designed for superb RFI immunity

    Model: MB5055
    Manufacturer: Audix
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    Regular Price: $610.00
    Sale Price $549.00
    Audix MB5055HC Miniature Hypercardioid Condenser Microphone

    Miniaturized Condenser Microphone Designed For:

  • Lightweight, rigid
  • Portable, easy to position
  • Clean, elegant appearance
  • Choice of capsules
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • No external power needed
  • Attaches to any mic stand
  • Can be used horizontally or vertically

  • The Audix MB5055HC miniaturized condenser microphone is the 50" version of the MicroBoomTM System. It comes with a carbon fiber rod compatible with any of The MicrosTM. Lightweight and able to attach to any microphone stand, the MicroBoomTM is a problem-solver for many hard-to-reach miking applications including choir, live theater and orchestra.

    The MicroBoomTM can be used with any of the microphones in The MicrosTM series providing a broad selection of pick-up patterns, output levels and frequency responses. A high quality shielded cable is used internally to insure the cleanest audio signal path between the microphone and the bottom of the boom. The stand adapter offers total control over the angle, rotation and position of the carbon fiber rod by way of a flexible metal gooseneck. The MicroBoomTM provides an ultra-clean, professional and elegant appearance on stage while providing exceptional performance and portability.

    Type: Condenser
    Polar Pattern: Cardioid / Hypercardioid (MB5050-HC)
    Frequency Response: 50 Hz—19 kHz
    Impedance: 150 Ohms
    Sensitivity: 10 mv / Pa @ 1k

    Includes 50" carbon fiber boom with M1255BHC hypercardioid capsule microphone, clutch assembly and cable. Requires 18–52V phantom power.

    HyperCardioid: 50 Hz—19 kHz

    Model: MB5055HC
    Manufacturer: Audix
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    Regular Price: $630.00
    Sale Price $569.00
    Audix MG15HC 15" Goosneck Condenser Microphone with Hypercardiod Capsule

  • Professional mini gooseneck condenser microphone
  • Designed for podium, presentation, meetings & teleconferencing
  • Hypercardioid polar pattern helps isolate the speaker from ambient noise
  • Wide frequency range of 60 Hz – 19 kHz
  • Provides natural sound with exceptional vocal response

  • The Audix MG15HC fexible gooseneck podium microphone with hypercardioid capsule is equipped with sophisticated dual preamp circuitry — one circuit is located in capsule housing and the other built into the base of the XLR. Its circuitry is internally balanced, insuring the a hum-isolated audio path. In addition, this circuitry provides protection from RF interference and spurious emissions from cell phones and wireless GSM devices.


  • Pulpit, Podium
  • Boardroom
  • Video Teleconferencing

  • Type: Pre-polarized Condenser
    Polar Pattern: Hypercardioid
    Frequency Response: 60 Hz—19 kHz
    Impedance: 150 Ohms
    Sensitivity: @ 1k 32 mV/Pa (HC)

    Model: MG15HC
    Manufacturer: Audix
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    Regular Price: $345.00
    Sale Price $319.00
    Audix UEM81S Pre-polarized Shotgun Condenser Instrument Microphone

    The Audix UEM81S is a pre-polarized condenser microphone used for stage, studio, video and broadcast applications. Conveniently powered by one AA battery, the UEM81S is not dependent on phantom power for operation. Exceptional sound quality, accurate response and an ability to pick-up from a distance, the Audix UEM81S is designed to be aimed at the sound source to capture hard-to-get-to places; ideal for theatre, stage, sporting events and outdoor applications.

    The Audix UEM81S works perfectly for:
    - Live sound, location recording, video, film
    - Overheads
    - Ambient room miking
    - Acoustic instruments

    Type: Pre-polarized Condenser
    Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
    Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
    Impedance: 600 Ohms
    Sensitivity: 3 mV/Pa @1k

    Model: UEM81S
    Manufacturer: Audix
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    Regular Price: $355.00
    Sale Price $299.00
    Audix WS1218 Foam Windscreen for Micros, MG12/15/18, ADX12/18

  • External foam microphone windscreen
  • Designed for use with Micros, MG12/15/18, and ADX12/18 microphones
  • Reduces wind, sibilance and pop noise
  • Protects microphone from external defilement

  • The Audix WS1218 Foam Windscreen is designed for Micros, MG12/15/18, and ADX12/18 microphones. It reduces wind, sibilance and pop noise. Available in black.

    Model: WS1218
    Manufacturer: Audix
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    Regular Price: $7.00
    Sale Price $6.95