Marshall 1960BHW 120w 4x12 Handwired Series Straight Cabinet

To complement the 1959HW's visual and sonic majesty, Marshall offers the 1960AHW (angled) 4x12 cabinet. It boasts basket weave fret cloth, metal handles, "100" logos, and is loaded with Celestion's highly-acclaimed G12H-30 re-issue speakers.

  • Hand soldered
  • 4x12" cabinet
  • 120W
  • Mono
  • 16 ohm
  • Salt 'n' pepper grille
  • Metal handles
  • Reissue 30W Celestion G12H speakers

Model: 1960BHW
Manufacturer: Marshall
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Regular Price: $1,840.00
Sale Price $1,199.00
Marshall 1960BX 100w 4x12 Straight Cabinet

The Marshall 1960X consists of 4 separate birch ply enclosures, each loaded with a Celestion G12M Greenback 12" speaker and has a 100W power handling rating. Tonally this speaker cabinet falls between the 1960A's brightness and the 1960TV's warmth. Greenback G12M speakers have a very distinctive sound with a fast, snappy response that adds detail and dynamics to both clean and distorted playing. The 1960X Extension Cabinet uses the early '70s LC checkered grille cloth and a less-textured vinyl covering. If used as a half stack with a 100W head, a power brake is recommended.

  • 4 x 12" Celestion Greenback G12M speakers
  • 100W handling
  • Checkered grille cloth
  • Straight or Angled front
  • 100 lbs

Model: 1960BX
Manufacturer: Marshall
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Regular Price: $1,550.00
Sale Price $1,099.00
Marshall 1960TV 100w 4x12 Tall Angled Cabinet

This classic cab has an angled front; 4 - 12" Greenback speakers; and a warmer, thicker sound than the 1960A. The midrange is well-defined and a more rounded high end sparkles without being overly bright. The 25W Greenbacks are less in your face than the 75W Celestions in the 1960A. It has reissue original grille cloth and is 4" taller than standard 4x12 cabs.

  • Handles 100W
  • 16 ohms
  • 29-3/5"W x 35-1/2"H x 14-4/5"D
  • 97 lbs.

Model: 1960TV
Manufacturer: Marshall
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Regular Price: $1,690.00
Sale Price $1,099.00
Marshall 1987XL 50w Vintage Series Reissue Plexi Head

The 1987XL is an all tube re-issue amp with a vintage sound and fabulous tone. Originally made from 1966 to 1969, it was one of the amps was used by Jimi Hendrix and is known for it's great overdriven sound.

  • 50W of classic all-tube power
  • Preamp: 3 x ECC83 tubes
  • Power Amp: 2 x EL34 tubes
  • 3-band EQ
  • Presence control

Model: 1987XL
Manufacturer: Marshall
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Regular Price: $2,400.00
Sale Price $1,699.00
Marshall 2203KK Kerry King 100w JCM800 Signature Head

The 2203KK is based on Kerry King's favored JCM800 head, a head King calls "The Beast." His JCM800 had been at the core of Kerry's sound for years, both live and in the studio - that is until Marshall created Kerry's ultimate amplifier, the 2203KK. This 100-watt behemoth is equipped with a trio of ECC83s in the preamp and a quartet of KT88 driving the power stage.

King has never been a traditional metal guitarist, and this amp incorporates his own special touches that Kerry added to his "Beast." Among these King-ly features are a "frown EQ" mid-boost that counteracts the metal tendency to scoop the mids, a noise gate that accentuates King's trademark staccato playing style, and a Beast button, which instantly engages Kerry's signature sound. King's tattoos were the inspiration for the artwork that graces the cloth behind the Marshall logo as well as the brushed gold control panel. Rounding out the feature set is a printed signature from Jim Marshall and Kerry King on the control panel. The 2203KK is a true metal monster!

Technical Specifications:
  • 100W tube head
  • 4 KT88s in the power stage
  • 3 ECC83s in the preamp
  • Master Volume
  • Preamp Volume
  • Standby Switch
  • True bypass series FX loop
  • 3-band EQ
  • Presence control
  • "The Beast" Boost
  • Gate Threshold
  • Assault Intensity
  • Jim Marshall and Kerry King signatures on control panel
  • Made in England

  • No Longer Available From the Manufacturer

    Model: 2203KK
    Manufacturer: Marshall
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    Marshall AVT150H 150W 4-Channel Head with DFX

    Model AVT412H
    Features include a 12AX7 driven tube preamp and mid frequency scoop. The headphone jack is also standard, as well as speaker-emulated line-out, effects loop with level control and FX mix control.

    Technical Specifications:
  • 4 tube preamp channels
  • Mid frequency scoop controls on 2 Overdrive channels
  • 150 watts of power to drive 2 Marshall cabinets!
  • Headphone jack
  • Speaker-emulated line-out
  • Effects loop
  • Level control

  • Limited Quantity Available - Please Call to Order!

    Model: AVT150H
    Manufacturer: Marshall
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    Marshall AVT412A 200W 4x12" Guitar Speaker Cabinet

    Model AVT412A
    Marshall 200W 4x12" Cabinet with Celestion speakers. Handles up to 200 watts RMS. Designed for use with AVT150H Valvestate guitar head. Angled cabinet.

    Limited Quantity Available - Please Call to Order!

    Model: AVT412A
    Manufacturer: Marshall
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    Marshall C5-01 Class 5 1x10" Combo Amp

    Model C5-01
    Plexi-Styled Panel, Class A Tone, All-Valve Signal.

    Bluesbreaker style, Plexi-esque panel giving you Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass. All-valve signal path offers a wealth of untainted analogue tone.

    Specially designed G10F-15 speaker delivers the tone. Rear panel offers both headphones and 16 Ohm extension cab output sockets - perfect for either full-cranked silent practice or a driving a mighty 4x12' 1960 speaker cabinet!

    Made in the UK.

    Limited Quantity Available - Please Call to Order!

    Model: C5-01
    Manufacturer: Marshall
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    Marshall C5-H Class 5 5W Tube Guitar Amp Head

    Model C5-H
    5 Watt, All-Valve, Class A Guitar Amp.

    Compact head. Features two ECC83 and one EL34 valve set. The all-valve signal path delivers vintage Marshall tone with the simplicity of a Plexi-esque control panel comprising of volume, bass, middle and treble. Responding naturally to playing dynamics, and producing rich, second order harmonic distortion, this purist-pleasing amp takes the player's dynamics from brilliant clean to full-bodied crunch and on to glorious lead tones. Built in England from 2010 to 2012.

    Limited Quantity Available - Please Call to Order!

    Model: C5-H
    Manufacturer: Marshall
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    Marshall DSL-40C 1x12" 40-W Combo Guitar Amplifier

    Two footswitchable channels – Classic Gain & Ultra Gain
    Two Modes per channel for extra flexibility
    Footswitchable, studio-quality, digital Reverb with Level control for each channel
    Shared 5-way EQ – Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence & Resonance
    Mid-Shift button adds to the amp’s tonal flexibility
    Pentode/Triode switch to drop power down from 40W to 20W
    Bypassable series FX loop
    Celestion 12” speaker
    4-12AX7 and 2-EL34 tubes
    1-12” Celestion
    2-way footswitch supplied

    Model: DSL-40C
    Manufacturer: Marshall
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    Regular Price: $970.00
    Sale Price $699.99
    Marshall JMD50 50w Digital Preamp Head

    The 50W Marshall JMD50 digital guitar amp head, offers a balanced mixture of classic all-tube power and studio-quality effects, all wrapped up into an amazing Marshall package. The JMD50 amp, part of Marshall's JMD:1 series, uses this technology to create a vast library of tone styles firmly rooted in the foundations of Marshall amplifiers. The Marshall JMD50 head provides interpretations of unmistakable classic sounds and a variety of combinations. These are delivered in 16 easy-to-access topologies, replicated from component level information for a truly natural and interactive playing experience.

  • Power rating: 50W
  • Preamp: Digital Natural Harmonic Technology
  • Poweramp tubes: 2 x EL34
  • Preamp topologies: 16
  • Modulation effects: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo
  • Delay effects: Hi-Fi Analogue, Tape, Multi
  • Tap tempo control
  • Reverb: Independent custom voiced
  • Midi Control: Midi in, Midi Thru
  • Stompware controller: supplied
  • Emulated line out: XLR
  • Headphone out: 1/4" jack
  • Line in: 1/4" jack
  • Preamp: 1/4" jack
  • Effects loop: Serial / Parallel -10dBV / +4dB with mix control
  • Speaker output: 1x16Ω, 1x8 Ω, 2x 16 Ω
  • Developed in the UK, manufactured in China

    Model: JMD50
    Manufacturer: Marshall
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    Regular Price: $1,350.00
    Sale Price $999.00
    Marshall JVM205H 50w 2 Channel Head

    In a nutshell, the Marshall all-valve, 2-channel JVM205H 50W tube head is a 2-channel, 50W version of the most versatile Marshall amplifier ever made, the JVM410H. Both channels are completely independent of each other and they boast 3 Modes, all 6 of which are footswitchable and feature their own unique gain structure. It effectively makes the JVM205H 6 Marshalls in one!

    The JVM205H has studio-quality digital reverb with a level control for each channel. This is also footswitchable, as are the amp's two Master Volume controls and the Series/Parallel effects loop. Resonance and Presence are also equipped with master controls.

    With its ingenious footswitch (UK patent pending) and the fact all the amp's switching (channel/modes, Reverb, Master Volume selection, FX loop) can be done via MIDI, you're looking at an incredibly flexible amp! The 4-way footswitch boasts LEDs and memory, plus it connects to the amp via a regular guitar cable.

    From the cleanest clean to the filthiest distortion ever found in a Marshall and all points in-between, the JVM205H all-valve amp head will give you whatever tone you need right when you need it.

    • 50W power
    • All-valve, with 5 x 12AX7s and 2 x EL34s
    • 2 totally independent, footswitchable channels
    • Each channel has 3 footswitchable modes
    • Footswitchable, studio-quality digital reverb
    • Independent reverb controls for each channel
    • 2 footswitchable master volumes
    • 2 FX loops, one series, and one parallel
    • Parallel FX loop is footswitchable on/off
    • Speaker emulated XLR output
    • 4-way footswitch (with memory) supplied
    • All switching can be done via MIDI
    • Made in England

    Model: JVM205H
    Manufacturer: Marshall
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    Regular Price: $1,950.00
    Sale Price $1,399.00